Unable to find the right hat to wear to a party back in 1988, Darcy Creech decorated a large brimmed panama hat with flowers, and took the party by storm. Newly divorced and brainstorming for a way to work from home so she could take care of her one-year old son Peter Beaton Creech, Darcy sold her engagement ring and bought hat making supplies. She then made a prototype hat to test the market during Daffodil Weekend on Nantucket.

Making her way into town wearing her newly minted creation, she had storekeepers enthralled and one particularly chic woman following her in and out of shops until finally asking,“Where did you get that hat!?” Darcy told her that she’d designed it herself, and that with her first order in hand, the hats would soon be available at Janet Russo’s, a beautiful little boutique on Main Street. Next came an order from Bramhall and Dunn on Martha’s Vineyard...where lone and behold, James Taylor came in and became one of her first customers.  It was just the encouragement she needed to forge ahead to create what is now Peter Beaton.

Peter Beaton is a Nantucket brand that celebrates people not so much for who they are, but how they live--with passion, generosity, and a captivating sense of style.  You can find our hats being worn on the beaches of West Palm Beach to the bay of San Francisco. All of our hats are lock stitched, giving you a product that is unequivocally the best. We offer a variety of individually designed hats that can be worn for any occasion. Whether you are looking for a round shaped large-brim hat for a pool day at the Beverly Hills Hotel or a small-brim cowboy hat for your next trip to the desert, we have the hat for you.