Hat Care

Cleaning mold/mildew off your well-loved straw hat:

The best way to clean mold or mildew off a straw hat is to vacuum it off with a brush attachment.

If that does not remove the mold/mildew: 

  1. Dilute 1/8 cup bleach or Tilex in 2 cups of water
  2. Soak a sponge in the solution and wring it out until it is barely damp
  3. Gently pat the sponge on the areas of mold/mildew and it should disappear

Caution: Excess solution applied to mold on a hat will discolor the straw.

Storage: Hats that come with a Peter Beaton signature hat box should be stored inside the box with the included cone in order to preserve the integrity of its shape. 

Ribbon Care

Our grosgrain ribbons are of the highest quality and will last you many years. If your bow begins to look tired, or you have just received a new ribbon that has visible fold marks on it from the packaging follow these instructions: 

1. Carefully unpin the ribbon from the hat and untie the bow

2. Use a warm iron to smooth out the creases

3. If the ends are frayed, using a sharp pair of scissors: fold the ribbon in half and cut just above the frayed ends in a downward "V"

4. Follow the "How to tie a bow" video here.