Determining Your Hat Size

Measuring your head:

    1. Take a soft-coated tape measure or a piece of string and place it around your head where you would like the sweatband of the hat to rest on your head. *Usually, that is just above the center of your forehead and on the upslope of the "lump" in the back, above the tops of your ears on both sides.
    2. With the tape snug, read the measurement to the closest centimeter. If you have used string, carefully flatten the string out against a yardstick to read the measurement.
    3. If you are in-between sizes, consider if you prefer your hat to fit more snugly or loosely and how you will wear your hair. Hats should fit loosely enough as to not give you a headache, but snug enough so as to fit firmly in position on your head. 
    4. Compare your measurement to the size chart below.

Hat Sizing

 Centimeters Size Inches
52 6 1/2 20 1/2
55 6 3/4 21 5/8
56 7 22  1/8"
57 7 1/8 22  1/2"
58 7  1/4 22  7/8"
59 7  3/8 23  1/4"
60 7  1/2 23  5/8"



Adjustable Black Sweatbands: Most of our hats come with an adjustable sweatband, allowing you to reduce the size of your hat by up to 2 cm.